Nemunas delta.

Section 70. Rusnė – Šilutė.

Rusnė – Šilutė Šilutė – a charming authentic town

In the Village of Rusnė, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route follows Taikos Street and Kuršmarių Street, crossing the Atmata River, a distributary of the Nemunas Delta, over the Rusnė Bridge. Then the trail follows the side of the road as a separate lane, continuing on to Šilutė. Shortly before reaching Šilutė, hikers will have to walk on the side of the road. In Šilutė, you will cross the historical bridge over the Šyša River. Rusnė Street, which connects Rusnė Island and Šilutė, brings you right into the center of the town. Up until Šilutė, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route leads through the Nemunas Delta Regional Park where vast areas of the lower reaches of the Nemunas River flood in springtime — today these areas are agricultural land and swamp forests (Žalgiriai Forest).