Nemunas delta.

Section 69. Rusnė Island.

Rusnė Island Rusnė Island — excellent location for wildlife observation

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route starts in the village of Rusnė on Rusnė Island. The trail leads through Neringos Street and K. Jukštaičio Street out into Rusnė Village beachside walkway extending along the Pakalnė River — one of the biggest distributaries of the Nemunas Delta. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route further leads through the small port of Rusnė snaking through the polder dikes of Rusnė over to the village of Pakalnė, providing wonderful views along the way of the colourful architecture of the island and the willow trees overhanging the Pakalnė waters. After the Village of Pakalnė, up until Uostadvaris Lighthouse, the route mostly follows the Rusnė polder dikes, which enclose and interweave the low island (there is a spot on the island that is below sea level) to protect it from flooding. From the lighthouse to the village of Rusnė, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route goes along the side of a paved road (except in the village of Uostadvaris, where the trail follows the polder dike on the bank of the Atmata River). In the village of Rusnė, the trail follows Kuršmarių Street and Taikos Street back to its starting point. Rusnė Island is located inside the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. The polder dikes are excellent for observing wildlife in the low flatlands — roe deer, elk and birds during spring and autumn migration can be seen here.