Haapsalu and villages of Coastal Swedes.

Section 51. Riguldi - Dirhami.

Riguldi - Dirhami A Place Marked by Meteorites

With the exception of the first 3 km, the itinerary goes along the seashore. It is mainly a sandy beach with beautiful foredunes, grey dunes and sea boulders. The beach may be covered in algae that has been washed ashore and it is occasionally overgrown with dense vegetation. Opposite Rooslepa village and in other places in the sea and on the coast, there are badly weathered stones or the so-called breccias that have melted and weathered as a result of an ancient meteorite explosion. At the destination of the itinerary, you can spend some time in a pub and from its terrace you will have a beautiful view of the sea and the port.