Haapsalu and villages of Coastal Swedes.

Section 51. Riguldi - Dirhami.

Practical information

Length: 13 km

Duration: 5 – 7 h

Start: Riguldi Manor

Finish: Dirhami Port, 

Itinerary: Riguldi – Elbiku – Rooslepa – Dirhami Port

Road surface: Asphalt roads, unpaved roads and trails, variable beaches: sandy, occasionally covered in fine gravel, also rocky (including big rocks), in other places thickly overgrown. In some places, algae have been washed ashore.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: After passing Riguldi, you have to cross a cattle enclosure with an electric fence in Norrby. The enclosure has a special entrance and exit that can be opened and closed by hikers.

Dangerous places: Be careful and ensure safety when walking along the road.

Good to know! Catering companies are available at the Port of Dirhami. No shops are available in this section of the coast. The closest ones are located in Pürksi and Nõva villages.

Alternatives: Between Elbiku and Dirhami, forest roads and trails stretch across the dunes alongside the sea which can be used in case of inhospitable weather. Vigorous walkers can combine this section with the next day’s one and finish at the Port of Nõva.