Great wave sea.

Section 4. Karosta (The War Port) - Ziemupe.

Karosta (The War Port) - Ziemupe Karosta - Military Heritage On The Coast Of The Baltic Sea

The first four kilometers of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route may interest military history enthusiasts with the remains of many forts and coastal defense batteries, but in terms of walking, this is technically the most complicated section of Kurzeme seacoast. After crossing the Fortress Canal, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route winds through a coastal meadow for a short while, then darts onto a beach and continues as far as Ziemupe. The beach is wide, in times of stronger winds it gets narrower between the Lenkupe and Kārļupīte Rivers. In some places, there are small bluffs, the rest of the section is composed of high, occasionally washed away foredunes. It is said that a lot of ships have sunk in the depths of the Ziemupe River, one of them even had bronze cannons.