Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 36. Liu - Munalaid.

Liu - Munalaid Bays, islands and birds

The itinerary is suitable for birdwatching. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route takes roads and trails because coastal meadows, reeds, shallow and overgrown coves cover the seashore. After passing Liu Port, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route changes its direction several times as the coastline is rugged and difficult to access, so the itinerary must be adapted. The best sightseeing and birdwatching areas are located near Kavaru village, in the surroundings of the Port of Peerni and near Munalaid Harbour where you can see panoramic views of Pärnu Bay and Kihnu Strait with their islands (Sorgu saar, Manilaid, Kihnu) and coastal meadows with cattle grazing there.