Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 36. Liu - Munalaid.

Practical information

Length: 21 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Start: Liu village

Finish: Munalaid Harbour, 

Itinerary: Liu – Kavaru – Pootsi –
Peerni – Lao – Munalaid

Road surface: Roads covered with asphalt
and gravel.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: None.

Dangerous places: Be careful when walking along the motor roads and the small country and village roads (sharp turns, narrow) and observe safety. Be careful when crossing roads.

Good to know! One shop and one catering company is available throughout the whole section of the itinerary.

Alternatives: At the Munalaid Harbour, it is recommended to go to Kihnu Island, the visit of which takes ~ two days when going on foot. It is recommended to visit Manilaid Islet located next to Munalaid Island (half a day).