The Vidzeme coast.

Atkarpa 30. Svētciems - Ainaži.

Praktinė informacija

Length: 26 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Start: Svētciems village next to the estuary of the Svētupe River, opposite the campsite Vējavas (paid )

Finish: The Latvian and Estonian border at the end of Valdemāra iela, next to 

Itinerary: Svētciems – Salacgrīva – Kuiviži – Ainaži

Road surface: Gravel, sand, occasionally small pebbles, coastal areas overgrown with reeds and club-rushes, in some places, algae washed ashore.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: Overgrown beaches and the Randu Meadows. Going through them depends greatly on wind direction, strength and duration. Lasting wind from the East creates an outflow of water in the sea with large shoals between Kuiviži and Ainaži. In case of a strong West wind, some parts of the trail may become unusable.

Dangerous places: The A1 road has to be crossed near Kuiviži and the Vēverupīte River. It has to be done carefully making sure of traffic safety. The stones on Ainaži Pier can move and can be slippery.

Good to know! You will need suitable (closed) footwear and walking poles for support. You should avail yourself of binoculars for bird watching.

Alternatives: The section between Salacgrīva and Kuiviži can be covered by going through the dunes via a forest trail. In case of inhospitable weather (storms, strong wind), the distance between Kuiviži and Ainaži can be covered by bus (timetable: