Piki Nemunase jõe lookeid.

58. päev. Alytus – Panemunis.

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Alytus Synagogue

The old synagogue seemed completely abandoned a few years ago, but renovations will be completed in 2021, and a branch of the Alytus Museum will be located here.

Church of St. Ludvick's in Alytus

It is the oldest building in Alytus, its bell rings from 1669, and there is a 19th century painting of St. Ludvick's in the church.

The historical square of the First Alytus

The Nemunas divides the town into two parts: on the right bank there is the First Alytus, where the town began to develop, on the left – the Second Alytus.

Monumental stone “Normandia–Nemunas”

Built in 1981 in honour of pilots who took up military missions from a nearby aerodrome during World War II.

Nečiuikų spring

At the foot of Punia mound you will find a stepped Nečiuikų spring.

St George's chapel in Punia

Tower-Shaped Stone Chapel is dedicated to commemorate the participants in the 1831 uprising.

Church of St. Jacob the Apostle in Punia

 Baroque and Classicist style church, built in 1863.

Ethnographic exposition of local history “Punia over the centuries”

Introduces the history of the town, school and local people. Tel.: +370 65640657

“Šilėngirė Valley”

Chance to see and feed alpacas, goats, sheep and rabbits.

Nemajūnai St. The Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul

Built in 1878, the church is the only original wooden neo-Gothic style work in Lithuania.

Nemajūnai chapel

A small, wooden, romantic style chapel, built in the mid 19th century by local masters.

Nemajūnai Craft Centre

Educational program “Dzūkiškos bandos” (“Dzūkai loaves”) – preparation and baking of dzūkai potato loaves on cabbage leaves in a bread oven; tasting. Must be booked in advance. Tel.: +370 67205345