Along Nemunas river loops.

60. päev. Birštonas – Alksniakiemis.

Birštonas – Alksniakiemis Through the Birštonas resort

After the Birštonas Tourist Information Centre, the Forest Trail leads for more than 1 km along the Nemunas bank promenade, then turns onto Algirdo street, crosses Vytautas Jurgis Meška Park, returns to the promenade and after 0.6 km turns onto the pedestrian and bicycle path. The path crosses the Žvėrinčiaus forest for about 5 km, and then the leads through the Paprienė recreation area, reaching the Greimų bridge over the Nemunas river. Behind the bridge the Forest Trail moves along the Vytauto, Nemuno, J. Zdebskio, Kęstučio, J. Basanavičiaus streets and along Kęstučio street (No. 3306) exits from the central part of Prienai. Along Paupio street, it forms a loop around the Nemunas and about 7 km from the centre of Prienai turns left to northeast towards Alksniakiemis. Part of this section is located in Nemunas Loops Regional Park.