Peipsimaa Region.

Section 31. Lohusuu‒Kuru.

SEE Worth seeing

Järuska bridge

Järuska wooden bridge with exciting architecture completed in 2013 is unique because it is the first roof bridge in the whole Estonia.

Rannapungerja lighthouse

Was constructed in 1937. The viewing platform at the base of the lighthouse, covered with timber planking, affords a wonderful view of Lake Peipsi and the landscape on the shore.

Kauksi Visitor Center

Different workshops, study programs.

Kauksi beach

One of the best known and most beautiful beaches on Lake Peipsi is Kauksi.

Kuru pine

Kuru pine is a semi-creeping stump under nature protection in Kuru village in Alutaguse rural municipality. Kuru Pine is located about 200 meters from Lake Peipsi.