Peipsimaa Region.

Section 31. Lohusuu‒Kuru.

Practical information

Length: 18 km

Duration: 6-8 h

Starting point: Lohusuu centre

End point: Kuru beach near the Kuru shop and café

The course of the route: Lohusuu‒Rannapungerja‒Kauksi‒Kuru

Road surface: Paved roads, forest roads and trails, pavement for 3 km, sandy beach by Lake Peipus

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: The 3 km section between Rannapungerja and Kauksi runs along the edge of Tartu‒Jõhvi motorway (No. 3). The edge is wide, and it is mown in the summer, so it's convenient for walking. Be careful when you are crossing the motorway!

Keep in mind! There are only some shops and cafés (mostly seasonal) on the northern shore of Lake Peipus, so be sure to plan ahead and bring enough food with you, especially if you plan to go further to Kuremäe, where no services will be available for the next two days.

Alternative options: The 3 km long section between Rannapungerja and Kauksi can be taken by bus, check bus schedules in advance: A small paved road along the northern coast of Lake Peipus leads to Vasknarva, which can be used in the event of a storm or bad weather in Lake Peipus.