Peipsimaa Region.

Section 26. Varnja‒Alatskivi.

Varnja‒Alatskivi Visiting the onion farmers of Lake Peipus

A scenic and tradition-rich stretch of the Forest Trail symbolised by the onion. Onions were brought to the region by Old Believers in the 17th century. Ladies and gentlemen selling home-made onion strings on the roadside have become somewhat of a business card of the villages. The villages on the twenty-four kilometre stretch of road between Varnja and Kallaste are connected by the tourist route called Onion Road. The landscape is decorated by colourful wooden houses, small fish shops and a restaurant where you can enjoy tea made in the samovar, true to the traditions of Old Believers. The fish vendace (rääbis) from Lake Peipus is served throughout the year.