Peipsimaa Region.

Section 31. Lohusuu‒Kuru.

Lohusuu‒Kuru Through the mushroom and berry forests on the northern shore of Lake Peipus

The first half of this section leads through magnificent coniferous forests, especially in the Järvevälja landscape reserve, where the trail is surrounded by beautiful dunes in the north and a raised bog in the south. It is well worth visiting the kiosk at Rannapungerja to buy smoked fished – the Lake Peipus vendace (rääbis) and some local farm produce. The Forest Trail crosses the Rannapungerja River via the motorway bridge and comes to the shores of Lake Peipus at Kauksi. There is a picnic area to cosy up and eat the fish you’ve brought along. Here, the shores of Lake Peipus resemble a magnificent beach surrounded by beautiful pine-covered dunes.