Northern Gauja Forestland.

Section 11. Spicu Bridge - Zaķi.

ACC CMPAccommodations

Ethnographic farmstead “Ielīcas”

More info: +371 29461673

H Guest House “Bergervilla”

More info: +371 29268474

Recreation Centre “Mednieki”

More info: +37125770081

Guest House “Aumeisteri”

More info: +371 64728457

INF Tourism information

H Valka TIB

Valka, Rīgas street 22,

More info: +371 64725522 or +371 26446602

RPL Resting area

Picnic area by Gauja CFTE

No more than 3 tents

By Cepurīte Lake CFTE

Camping with tents is permitted in the picnic areas.

SRV Other services

Public transport: The closest stop to Spicu Bridge is Ielīcas, located on the P24 roadway, the bus runs 3–5 times a day on the Valka–Smiltene route. On the Smiltene–Zaķi–Gaujiena route, the bus runs twice a day (see the section “Keep in mind!”). Route timetables: