Kaunas and Kaunas district.

Section 63. Vaišvydava – Kaunas.

Panemunė pinewood (Panemunės šilas), surrounded by the wide circle of the Nemunas river, is the third oldest park in Lithuania and is built in a natural forest. During the interwar period, the resort operated in the Panemunė pinewood. Its sanatoriums and wooden villas were used by the wealthy inhabitants of Kaunas. The park is permeated by a network of asphalt and natural trails and paths. The left bank of the Nemunas and the river valley in the park create a wide perspective of the terrain. In the park, dry pine forests alternate with deciduous forest areas, but on the banks of the Nemunas valley, there grow protected sloping forests, which contain old trees, including oaks. The park has a 4.6–5.6 km long nature trail with informative signs. The sandy beach of the Nemunas is a favourite place for city holidaymakers during the season.