Kaunas and Kaunas district.

Section 65. Lampėdžiai – Kulautuva.

Lampėdžiai – Kulautuva Along the bank of the Nemunas

The first 2 km the Forest Trail winds along the northern shore of the Lampėdis quarry and leads to the highway in front of the cemetery. Continuing its journey along the sidewalk in the direction of Raudondvaris, the Forest Trail crosses the Nevėžis river. After 0.6 km, the Forest Trail turns left onto Pakalnės street and, in front of the confluence of the Nevėžis and Nemunas, continues along small paths on the right bank of the Nemunas. Old mounds can be seen on the banks of the Nemunas valley. Beyond Šilelis village, the Forest Trail continues along a pedestrian / bicycle path to the small-town of Kulautuva, in front of which it throws a circle along a small forest path. Then the trail moves along Pušyno and V. Augustausko street until it reaches the destination of this section.

IMPORTANT. There are no markings where itineraries are crossing the territory of Kaunas city.