North Estonian Coastline.

Section 46. Tsitre‒ Kaberneeme.

SEE Worth seeing

Lahemaa heritage house

Heritage tours and workshops on pre-order. Tel; +372 55959817.

Muuksi stronghold hill

Its main task was most likely to be the coastguard and a lighthouse.

Toomani farmhouse museum

Toomani antiquities include a lot of objects that used to be commonplace and which carry on the historical flavour of Muuksi very well.

Hundikangrud (ancient burial grounds)

Making barrows of stone piles was a burial habit originating from the Scandinavian countries.

Tülivere sacred oak

Located on private land, so it can only be visited during the daytime.

Näkiallika smithy-museum of tools

An incredible place full of thousands of tools. Tel: +372 5519196.

Island Pedassaar

The island is accessible from Kaberneeme or Salmistu harbour only on advance. There is an interesting hiking trail (4 km) on the island. The trail runs along the coast of the northern part of the island in the Kolga Bay, which is unique in many ways.

Augu Suurkivi

A boulder in Haapse village.

Haapse beach pine grove

A rare and unique beach pine grove with a high sandy back.

Ubari nature centre

Tel: +372 5132149.