Peipsimaa Region.

Section 26. Varnja‒Alatskivi.

SEE Worth seeing

Kasepää ambulARToorium

Photo gallery. Tel: +372 58050201.

Kolkja Old Believer’s museum

The museum exhibits traditional clothing, household items, handicrafts, tools, photographs, books and more of Old Believers. Tel: +372 56623980.

Chicory museum

In the museum of Chicory, you can get acquainted with the history of chicory cultivation in row villages near Lake Peipus and see the tools related to chicory cultivation. Tel: +372 55639398.

Kostja’s onion farm

The host is happy to welcome guests, show onion cultivation and offer wonderful pies. Tel: +372 53588555.

Nina Orthodox church

Nina Church has been recognized as a cultural monument since 1997.

Eduard Tubin’s museum

The exposition of the museum gives a good overview of the life and work of Eduard Tubin, one of the best-known composers of Estonia. Tel: +372 5286598.

Alatskivi nature centre

The Nature Centre is located in the manor house built in the late 19th century. Located in the Alatskivi landscape reserve. Tel: +372 55511061.

Alatskivi castle

The castle was built by the landlord Arved von Nolcken in 1880-1885. Tel: +372 5286598.