Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 68. Padubysys – Ariogala – Kirkšnovė.

Padubysys – Ariogala – Kirkšnovė On the way to one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania – Ariogala

Winding on the steep bank of the Dubysa valley, the Forest Trail crosses a small forest for 2.5 km and further 4 km up to Čekiškė through an area where large corn fields bloom in summer. A similar landscape can be seen for the next 9 km, until the Forest Trail crosses the Kaunas–Klaipėda highway (A1) along the bridge. About 1.5 km further, before Gėluva village, the Forest Trail descends into the deep Dubysa valley and winds along small paths and quiet country roads along the bends of the river, revealing wide views of the town of Ariogala at the top of the valley. Along Dubysos and Gedimino streets, it winds up to the town's central street, Vytauto street. Further along Plento street, the Forest Trail 5 km from the centre reaches the point where you have to turn to the end of the section – Krikšnovė pond (another 0.2 km).