Kaunas and Kaunas district.

Section 63. Vaišvydava – Kaunas.

Vaišvydava – Kaunas Through Kaunas parks

From the Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Visitor Centre, the Forest Trail leads through the Rokų forest and along the Miškininkų, Kelmyno, Muraškinės, Žarstos, Garšvės and Rokelių streets, circles the Kaunas suburbs, crosses the Marijampolė road (No. 139) and continues in the direction of Balčkalnio street to Panemunė district. At the stadium of Kaunas University of Technology Engineering Lyceum, it descends to Vaidoto street, then continues along the sidewalk to Baterijos highway, where it turns left. About a third of Kaunas city area is occupied by parks and other nature territories. The Forest Trail crosses the city through its greenest parts. About 2.5 km long the Forest Trail passes through the Panemunė pinewood, which has a dense network of trails, recreation areas and a beach. The Forest Trail crosses the Nemunas along the Three Virgin Bridge, leads through Gričiupis district, runs along Kaunas Zoo, crosses the vast Oak-Wood Park (Ąžuolynas) and leads through Vytauto Park behind the Lithuanian Sports University. Down the park stairs, the path descends to the beginning of the Avenue of Freedom (Laisvės Alėja) and continues to the destination of the section in Kaunas center.

IMPORTANT. There are no markings where itineraries are crossing the territory of Kaunas city.