South Kurzeme.

Section 90. Kalvene – Aizpute.

SEE Worth seeing

Bojas manor

A villa-type building was built in 1860. The manor can be seen from the outside.

Address:  Bojas, Kazdangas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

Lindenberg Cardboard Factory Building

A typical sample of the late 19th-century manufacturing building. The club premises have an authentic Soviet postmodern interior. Can be viewed by prior arrangement.

Address: Kalvenes iela 27, Aizpute

Tel.: +371 28633808

Aizpute water tower

There are taps of water supply networks exposed to visitors and information about other industrial objects in Aizpute, a 3D model of a water tower and a deep well model, as well as a telescope for viewing the town from the tower. 

Address: Atmodas 32c, Aizpute

Tel.: +371 28617307


Aizpute winery

In the old vaulted cellar of Aizpute castle manor you can learn about Aizpute wine making and taste the wine made here.

Address:  Skolas iela 1, Aizpute

Tel.: +371 26397949

Aizpute Local History Museum

7 permanent expositions provide an insight into the history, economic and cultural life of the town of Aizpute and its surroundings.

Address: Skolas iela 1, Aizpute

Tel.: +371 29623284

Art park in Aizpute

Collection of rare plants in the nature park and works of art by Ģirts Brumsons.

Address: Mazā iela 3, Aizpute

Tel.: +371 26892701ākslas-parks