Cliffs and waterfalls of Northwestern Estonia.

Section 56. Paldiski - Kersalu.

SEE Worth seeing

Uuga limestone coast (Uuga paekallas) and Uuga waterfall (Uuga juga)

The Uuga limestone coast is 5 km long and 20 meters high.

Pakri Lighthouse (Pakri tuletorn)

The highest (52 m) lighthouse in Estonia offers breathtaking views. +372 555 76087
Majaka tee 45,, +372 55576087

Pakri Precipice (Pakri pank) and Pakri waterfall (Pakri juga)

The highest point of the Pakri coast in the Pakri Horn reaches up to 25 meters high, the 5.8 meter high Pakri Waterfall is located on the eastern part of the precipice.

NPakri Reserve

The most important natural objects of the reserve are the Pakri Island and precipice forest situated on the east coast of the Pakri peninsula.

Leetse Beach

A quiet and peaceful beach for camping.

The Leetse Secular Stone (Leetse Saunakivi)

A 3.5 meters high square stone.

Vanaaseme or Kersalu waterfall (Kersalu juga)

Especially beautiful during the spring flood period and in the winter when it is frozen.

The Pakri Old Lighthouse (Pakri vana tuletorn)

The 15 meter high lighthouse was built on the orders of Peter I. A new lighthouse was later built because the precipice was collapsing.