Matsalu national park and the West Estonian islands.

Section 46. Haeska - Puise.

Practical information

Length: 23 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Start: Haeska near the birdwatching tower, next to

Finish: Puise nina, 

Itinerary: Haeska – Sinalepa – Tuuru – Põgari-Sassi – Puise – Puise nina.

Road surface: Roads covered in asphalt and gravel.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: None

Dangerous places: Be careful when walking along the small country and village roads, as well as along the motor road and ensure safety.

Good to know! The itinerary goes through Matsalu National Park. During the migration period, the birds that are resting near the coast and in the nearby fields should be disturbed as little as possible. No shops (the closest one is in Panga village) or catering companies are available in this section.

Alternatives: A trail created by Matsalu National Park connects Kiideva and Puise nina: you can go from Tuuru through Koida to Kiideva, see the birdwatching platform and then take the above-mentioned trail along the coast of the Matsalu Bay to reach Puise nina (+ ~ 3 – 4 km to the initial itinerary).