Matsalu national park and the West Estonian islands.

Section 46. Haeska - Puise.

SEE Worth seeing

Haeska Birdwatching Tower (Haeska linnuvaatlustorn)

This is one of the most popular migrating birds resting places in the spring. A view of the surrounding coastal meadows and bay. The birdwatching tower and rest area are located on private property, - presence and movement through it is allowed from sunrise to sunset. +372 5048950

Haeskas Manor (Haeska mõis)

The manor house, which is now private property, was built in 1805. It now provides accommodations . +372 53471688

C.G.A. von Kursell chapel

The chapel of the Sinalepa estate manager’s son Carl Gustav Adolph von Kursell. Both the old iron cross and the approximately 80-year-old oak cross have been preserved.

Põgari Prayer House (Põgari palvemaja)

The last meeting of the Republic of Estonia’s government before the Soviet occupation took place in this building, constructed around 1930, on 22 September 1944.

Kiideva village (Kiideva küla)

A traditional fisherman’s village on the coast of Matsalu Bay. There is a boat pier and birdwatching tower in the village.

Walking trail Kiideva–Puise (2.6 km)
The trail is on the north coast of Matsalu Bay and joins the villages of Kiideva and Puise. The main part of the track is a 2.6-kilometre long section which starts near Kiideva and goes through the deciduous woodland and a restored wooded meadow until it reaches Lõpre oak. The circumference of the oak is 4 metres and its height is 20 metres. One may find interesting mushrooms near the oaks or hear the tawny owl and Tristam’s woodpecker. It is 800 metres from the oak to Puise. Good to know: One way is 3.4 kilometres long and you should allow yourself 2 hours. The trail is usually dry. There are camping facilities  and a place for making a fire.
A commemorative stone to the ornithologist Sven Onno

The ornithologist studied Matsalu birds from 1957 to 1963.

Breti Stones (Breti kivid)

From 1915 until 1969 Breti lived here and carved his life and unfortunate love into stones. Breti carved various thoughts important to him into roadside stones. Breti’s “love stone” (Armastuse kivi) 58.79330, 23.48237 and Breti’s “mother’s stone” (Ema kivi) 58.82886, 23.58192

N Puises Cape (Puise nina) and Puises Sightseeing Tower-Bookstore

You can borrow books from the small bookstore located on the first floor of the Puises Cape Sightseeing Tower.