Matsalu national park and the West Estonian islands.

Section 44. Meelva - Penijõe.

Meelva - Penijõe Following the Trail of the Livonian Chronicle of Henry

For this day, the start and end point for the current section of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route are located in Matsalu National Park, but the major part of it lies outside the park’s territory. Travellers will have their attention captured by the small villages and country roads with beautiful individual farmsteads and rural landscapes with cows and sheep grazing in the grass, as well as Lihula, the first see of the Bishopric of Saare-Lääne (Ösel–Wiek), which is indirectly mentioned in the Livonian Chronicle of Henry in relation to the events of 1211 when Abbot Theoderich of the Daugavgrīva (near Riga) monastery was ordained as the first Bishop of Estonia.