Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 41. Pivarootsi - Virtsu.

Practical information

Length: 16 km

Duration: 5 – 7 h

Start: Pivarootsi village

Finish: Virtsu Port, paid 

Itinerary: Pivarootsi – Rame – Puhtulaid – Virtsu

Road surface: Roads covered in asphalt and gravel.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: None

Dangerous places: Be careful when walking along the small country and village roads, as well as along the motor road and ensure safety.

Good to know! The closest catering companies and shops are only located in Virtsu.

Alternatives: You can go from the Port of Virtsu to Muhu Island (Port of Kuivastu) by ferry and then continue to Saaremaa Island connected to Muhu via a 3,5 km long dam. Ferry timetable: https://www.praamid.ee/, http://www.veeteed.com/. It is worth devoting at least a couple of days to visiting both islands by bus (timetable: www.peatus.ee, www.tpilet.ee).