Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 38. Tõstamaa - Matsi.

SEE Worth seeing

Suti beach

Small beach popular amongst locals.

Sepamaa beach

Public beach in the Kastna nature reserve.

Kastna Church

An Orthodox church built in 1904 in a style imitating Byzantine architecture.

Kastna juniper forest

A rocky beach covered with tall junipers forms an impressive juniper forest.

Kastna Sightseeing Tower (Kastna vaatetorn)

Beautiful view of the Kastna area.

The location of the former Kastna Manor (Kastna mõisa)

The old and magnificent trees of the park show us the location of the former manor. The former laundry house is the only thing that is left.

The location of the former Vaiste Manor (Vaiste mõisa)

The former granary building is the only building that is left from the knights manor today.