Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 34. Uulu - Pärnu.

SEE Worth seeing

Lotte village of Lotte Land (Lottemaa Leiutajateküla)

A large theme park for the whole family with the beloved heroes of kids and different attractions. +372 58855699

Reiu Beach

Not far from the town, the shallow waters of Reiu beach are one of the favourite leisure and picnic spots for summer residents.

The “Pärnu Bay Golf Links” complex

Ein einzigartiger Golfkomplex mit einem 18-Loch-Golfplatz, einem Klubgebäude und einem Restaurant. +372 5163819

The pines of Raekula Dunes (Raeküla luitemännikud)

Pine forests on both sides of the Via Baltica highway, with jogging and skiing trails, as well as lots of berries and mushrooms.

Pärnu seaside sightseeing towers and walking trail

From two sightseeing towers you can observe both birds and cows peacefully grazing in the grass. A 600 m walking trail with a sightseeing platform stretches along the sea.

Pärnu Beach and Promenade

Spend your leisure time and enjoy the sun on the sandy beach near the bay with shallow and warm water or walk along the beach promenade.

Pärnu beach park

A beach park typical to a resort town with lush and green alleys that has been a popular place for walks since 1882.

Pärnu Pier

The pier was built in 1769 on the order of Catherine I; The 2 km long pier is a nice place for walks.

Vallikääruiii Park

The former fortifications of the fortress are now part of the promenade with a bridge and a park adorned with a fountain. You can enter the Pärnu Old Town through the 17th century Tallinn Gate (Tallinna Värava).

Pärnu Yacht Club

A large yacht harbour and yacht club building where various events take place, providing activities both for adults and kids.