Seaside resorts.

Section 68. Palanga – Latvia-Lithuania border (Šventoji).

Palanga – Latvia-Lithuania border (Šventoji) Through the most popular seaside resorts of Lithuania

Having crossed the small Rąžė River, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route follows the Labrytys pedestrian/runners’ lane and exits out onto the beach at Kontininkų Street. For the next 9 km to the old Šventoji Pier, the trail leads across the sandy, sea-washed beach. Then it loops around the mouth of the Šventoji River, leads through the resort town, and at the end of Kopų Street it crosses the Šventoji River over a hanging footbridge to come back out onto the beach. At the Žemaičių Alka parking lot, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route makes another small loop “inland” and then follows the sandy beach to the Latvia-Lithuania border 3 km away.