The Curonian spit.

Section 65. Pervalka – Juodkrantė.

Pervalka – Juodkrantė Along the most majestic sand dunes in Northern Europe

Having departed Pervalka, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route follows a pedestrian path to cross the Curonian Spit in an east–western direction, arriving at the coast of the Baltic Sea. The next section of 13 km leads along a beautiful, sandy beach protected by high and steep sand dunes on the east. It is called the protective dune ridge and it has been man-made in order to protect the inland from the movement of sand. Entering Juodkrantė, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route turns eastward and crosses the Curonian Spit once again over wooded and steep dunes, to reach the Curonian Lagoon coast. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route briefly coincides with the Hill of Witches trail. It then follows the Juodkrantė beachside walkway to the port. This section leads through the Curonian Spit National Park.