Matsalu national park and the West Estonian islands.

Atkarpa 42. Virtsu - Kuke.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Virtsu port

A port with a large port building where ferries depart to Saaremaa island. +372 5056575

Antique Car Museum “Kirsi” – Oldtimer museum expo 1830–2000

The antique car museum allows you to follow the development of vehicles during the last 200 years. +372 5165188

Virtsu Amateur Museum (Virtsu Harrastusmuuseum)

The exhibition tells the history of the Virtsu region. +372 5151988

Hillfort of Virtsu Vassal (Virtsu vasallilinnuse varemed)

In 1460 the coastal hillfort of vassal was built to protect ship traffic.

Virtsu Sacrificial Stone (Virtsu ohvrikivi)

This low medieval cult stone has a deep hollow used for sacrificial ceremonies.

Uisu precipice (Uisu pank)

The almost 3.5 m high coastline allows you to see outcrops with fossils.