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Atkarpa 40. Varbla - Pivarootsi.

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Varbla village

is located by the long and naturally beautiful seashore with many summer cottages.

Paatsalu Manor

Several buildings built from land stones still remain in the surrounding area of the knights’ manor house, which was built in the 18th century.

Illuste Manor (Illuste mõis), park

The Illuste Manor house was built in 1912 and is an interesting example of the Art Nouveau style. An ancient park surrounds the manor.

N The Nehatu Nature Reserve

was founded in 1957 to protect the Nehatu marshes, dunes and reeds, as well as water birds. The rare plant great Fen-sedge grows here.

Pivarotsi Manor (Pivarootsi mŏis)

There is a granary overgrown with moss and a stable-carriage barn next to the Manor house built at the turn of the18th-19th century.

Pivarootsi windmills (Pivarootsi tuulik)

Dutch style windmills built in 1869 from limestone; you can spend a night here.