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Atkarpa 35. Pärnu - Liu.

SEE Verta pamatyti

The golf course “White Beach Golf”

This 18 hole golf course is perfect for all lovers of golf. +372 5104917

Valgeranna Adventure Park (Valgeranna Seikluspark)

The park consists of six air tracks, you can have a great time there, climbing the tops of the trees. +372 56222855

Valgeranna sightseeing platform (Valgeranna vaateplatvorm)

A 9 meter high sightseeing tower with a round sightseeing platform from which you can enjoy the scenery and observe the swimmers and other visitors to the adventure park.

Valgeranna Beach

A naturally beautiful sandy beach.

N Audru polder

The first polder in Estonia was created in 1938 to stop flooding; it is now a resting place for migrating birds in the spring and autumn.