Little wave sea.

Atkarpa 19. Mērsrags - Engure.

Praktinė informacija

Length: 22 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Start: Mērsrags Tourism information center, 

Finish: The center of Engure, the intersection of Jūras and Ostas iela, 

Itinerary: Mērsrags – Bērzciems – Abragciems – Engure

Road surface: Beaches covered in sand and fine gravel, coastal meadows, small trails, forest roads. Asphalt in the villages, a small section of gravel road.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: The coastal meadows can be bypassed using the roads and trails in the villages. The Engure River can be crossed via bridge.

Dangerous places: None

Good to know! Tents can be set up and campfires can be lit only in public rest areas designed for this purpose.

You should avail yourself of binoculars for bird watching, suitable (closed) footwear and walking poles for support.

Alternatives: Between Mērsrags village and Abragciems village throughout the whole length of the seacoast small roads and trails stretch between the sea and the road (P 131) alongside the coast, they can be used in case of strong wind.