Forest trail is a long-distance hiking route that starts in Riga and finishes in Tallinn. It leads through the most forested lands in both countries and three national parks.

Forest trail is divided into eight sections that feature different landscapes, terrains, natural heritage sites that contribute to the hiking experience. These eight sections are Riga and Riga region, Gauja National Park, North Gauja Forestland, Veclaicene Forestland, Haanja Upland, Setos Land, Lake Peipus shore, and North Estonia coastline.

Forest trail is divided into 50 single-day trail sections and each section is approximately 20 km long. You are free to complete any section on the route. Different trail sections have different degrees of difficulty, so everyone can choose the distance best suited for their fitness level.

Forest trail is designed as a part of the international European long-distance hiking route E11.


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