Kuldiga and surrounding.

Section 93. Kuldīga – Renda.

Kuldīga – Renda Venta valley and Riežupe Nature Park

After the Old Brick Bridge across the Venta river, the Forest Trail continues for a short time on the right bank of the Venta, notched by ravines, then, along Krasta street and Vetklīnika–Paleja road, it crosses Kalnmuiža forest and Riežupe and further up to Mazrenda continues along the roads of the vast Renda forest massif. The terrain is flat here, because this section is part of the Pieventa plain of the Kursa Lowland. In Mazrenda, the Forest Trail crosses a sand-gravel quarry and takes you to the centre of Renda along Kuldīgas street. The section belongs to the territory of the nature reserve “Ventas ieleja” and the nature park “Riežupe”.