Peipsimaa Region.

Section 27. Alatskivi‒Rannamõisa.

Practical information

Length: 19 km

Duration: 6-8 h

Starting point: Alatskivi Castle park

End point: Rannamõisa Holiday Centre

The course of the route: Alatskivi‒Pusi‒Kallaste‒Kodavere‒Rannamõisa

Road surface: Pavement in settlements, sandy and rocky beach in Kallaste, gravel roads, pavement for the last 6.5 kilometres of the section

Difficulty: Easy

Danger points: Be careful when walking on the side of the road!

Keep in mind! Lake Peipus vendace is sold throughout the year. Onion season starts in July, and onions are sold on streets until late September.

Alternative options: If the water level in Lake Peipus is low (depending on the weather and wind direction), beautiful beaches are revealed opposite the Kallaste village, perfect for walking and enjoying the coastal scenery. You can also walk across Kallaste along the Võidu street, which hosts several shops and summer cafés. You can take a bus from Kallaste to Ranna. See