Gauja National Park.

Section 6. Līgatne - Cēsis.

Practical information

Length: 26 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Starting point: Līgatne, Līgatne TIC

End point: Gauja street in Cēsis near the bridge over Gauja.

The course of the route: Līgatne (Brīvības street – Gaujas street) – Skaļupes trail – Skaļupes – Ķūķu Cliffs – Amatas geological trail – Zvārtes Rock – V329 road (up to Krustkalni) – Rakši – Meijermuiža – Cīrulīši Nature Trails – Cēsis (Gaujas street)

Road surface: Predominantly forest or small country roads, forest trails, gravel roads, paved roads and sidewalks in Līgatne

Difficulty: medium / hard (if planned for one day)

Danger points: Some stretches of trail in the ancient valley of Gauja and Amata river slopes may be slippery in damp conditions, winter and spring. Be careful on the shores of Amata! Swimming in Gauja River can be dangerous!

Keep in mind! The Roči Forest Reserve is not open to visitors.

Alternative route options:  This section can be divided and completed in two days: on the first day, continue on the route from Zvārtes Rock via the Amata trail to Kārļi (~ 10 km, follow the trees marked in orange, total length ~ 25 km); on the second day, walk from Kārļi to Krustkalni (3.3 km), then continue along the Rakši road to Cēsis (total distance ~11 km), just as the main route would.