Gauja National Park.

Section 8. Caunītes - Valmiera.

Caunītes - Valmiera On the road to Valmiera – the “Green City”

From Caunītes, the Forest Trail leads through mesmerising pine forests and wetlands, across and around hills and slopes. One of the most beautiful views of the River Gauja opens from Sietiņiezis, and it might be worth devoting some extra time to visit the Sietiņiezis Nature Trail. The further road stretches along farmsteads and through forests, until reaching Valmiera. After Valmiera bypass, the Forest Trail leads down urban sidewalks, while the last stretch of road – from the so-called “Dzelzītis” (a narrow-gauge railway bridge) to Cēsu street – follows a wooded path along the Gauja River.