Along Nemunas river loops.

Section 59. Panemunis – Birštonas.

Nemunas Loops Regional Park (Nemuno kilpų regioninis parkas) was founded in 1992 and aims to protect plants, animals, landscapes and geological monuments. The park includes five large circles of the Nemunas river, in the centre of which is Birštonas – one of the most important Lithuanian resorts. Impressive sedimentary outcrops can be seen in places on the steep banks of the Nemunas loops. The deep ravines of the Nemunas tributaries are also important from the point of view of nature diversity and landscape. Old sloping and ravine forests can be found in the park (see the description of the previous section). The tallest trees in Lithuania grow in the forests of Punia and Prienai. In total, 973 plant and 1713 species of animals (mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, etc.) and 505 species of mushrooms have been found in the park. Prienai woodworking masters, who make wooden crosses, are important successors of cultural traditions. The park's visitor centre is located in Birštonas.