Along Nemunas river loops.

Section 58. Alytus – Panemunis.

Alytus – Panemunis Along the hills of the Dzūkija Upland

From Alytus, the Forest Trail takes you along Vilniaus street, crosses the Nemunas through the A. Juozapavičiaus Bridge, then turns left to the north along Jiezno street and further crosses the Normandy–Nemunas road along Miškininkų street (No. 1334). Having passed almost 2 km through the forest, the Forest Trail comes out on a small country road and goes another 8 km in a northern direction. There are vast and open landscapes of the Dzūkija Upland in this area. After Staniava village the Forest Trail leads down a beautiful forest road to the Nemunas and then up a steep slope to the Punia castle mound, which overlooks the river. Along the Punia church along Kauno, Šilo and Birštono streets, after less than 4 km, the Forest Trail reaches a larger forest massif. Crossing it, after 5 km the Forest Trail comes out to Nemajūnai village. 3.5 km away is the destination of this section.