Tukums and Ķemeru National park.

Section 97. Jaunmokas – Tukums.

SEE Worth seeing

Bēra watermill

The mill was built in the second half of the 19th century. It was powered not only by the water force but also by two kerosene engines.

Ruins of Vecmoku manor

Vecmoku manor is mentioned in historical sources in 1544. Today, there have survived and can be seen only the ruins of the manor house and several farm buildings. Tel.: +371 29210280

Alleys of Vecmoku manor

1050 m long alley section, included in the list of natural monuments – protected alleys.

Sekļa (or Sēkļa) lake

The most popular fishing place around Tukums. The other side of the lake is a popular bathing place. Tel.: +371 23771600

Jumprava lake

 Legend has it that a virgin (jumprava) drowned in the lake, hence the name of the lake.


A small town surrounded by gardens on the outskirts of Kurzeme. Several museums; the rose route shows the splendour of different rose flowers in the town's greenery.

Tukums Art Museum

One of the most valuable Latvian art collections of the first half of the 20th century. Tel.: +371 25494677

Art gallery “Doors”

Contemporary art exhibitions. Tel.: +371 63124312, +371 28391437

Tukums History Museum

 Located in the town's oldest stone building, which is known as the Castle Tower. Tel.: +371 63124348, 2562213

Straw Museum

The first museum of its kind in Latvia, there are more than 500 exhibits. Tel.: +371 29495746

Durbe Castle

One of the most interesting classicism castles in Kurzeme; a museum. Tel.: +371 26305946, +371 25721502


A small lake on the border of Tukums surrounded by forest. Bathing places with footbridges and marked trails for pedestrians, Nordic walkers and runners.