South Kurzeme.

Section 88. Gramzda – Priekule.

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Since 1963, the gravel has been obtained here for road construction and asphalt production. The depth of the quarry reaches 10 m and reservoirs are formed; the residents use them as bathing places and fishing places.

Ruņupe valley

Nature reserve in the area of 607 ha. Ruņupe near Mazgramzda, Priekule region, is characterized by surprisingly high shores, which resemble a canyon.

Priekule memorial ensemble of Warrior's Cemetery

The largest Brethren Cemetery in the Baltics. There are buried more than 23,000 Soviet soldiers who died in World War II during the 5th battle of the Courland Pocket in Priekule and the Priekule area in the spring of 1945.

Priekule pine forest (“Priekules Priediens”)

A small forest, a popular place for walks and active recreation.


Priekule is the first of the largest populated areas on the way from the Lithuanian border. The town can be explored with a guide.

Swedish Gate in Priekule

Priekule manor gate, which is also depicted in the coat of arms of Priekule town.

Address: Zviedru vārtu iela 2, Priekule, Dienvidkurzemes novads

Priekule manor house and guard tower (viewing tower)

Priekule manor house of Korff barons was built in the second half of the 18th century.  Today, this building houses Priekule Secondary School. The observation tower with the Latvian flag on the mast has become a symbol of the restoration of the country's independence.

Address:  Aizputes iela 1, Priekule

Priekule Evangelical Lutheran Church and Icarus

Legend has it that the blacksmith of Priekule manor made wings and descended with them from the church tower. The flight was a success, but the blacksmith was punished for daring – he was burned at the stake. Now this man is called Priekule Icarus and he is depicted in the coat of arms of Priekule region.

Address:  Aizputes iela 10, Priekule

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