South Kurzeme.

Section 87. Lithuanian– Latvian border – Gramzda.

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Apše river

Also called Apša, in Lithuania – Apšė. A tributary of the right bank of the Bārta river on the Latvian – Lithuanian border. Its length is 40 km: 20 km in Lithuania and 20 km – as a border river.


A village on the Latvian border, mentioned in the 13th century in written sources about the road from Jūrpils to Apuolė. Gramzda fell into the hands of the Order of Livonia. The greatest damage to Gramzda was done during World War II, when in 1941 its centre was burned down. During the Soviet period, farmsteads were destroyed and a modern village with multi-storey residential houses as well as Līvāni-type houses began to be built. Tel.: +371 28374204 (guide).

Gramzda Lutheran Church

The history of Gramzda Church dates back to 1567 order by Duke of Courland to build a church. Restoration of the church from the ruins started in 2009 and all work is now complete.

 Address: Skolas iela 9, Gramzda, Dienvidkurzemes novads

Теl.: +371 28374204

Square “Gateway to Latvia”

The three illuminated red, white and red boats, about six metres high, symbolize generations and their journey through the ages to independent Latvia.

Gramzda antiquities repository

The history of Gramzda school and Gramzda and Aizvīķi villages, collection of ancient things.

Address:  Skolas iela 5, Gramzda, Dienvidkurzemes novads

Теl.: +371 28374204

Gramzda Forest Park with an open-air cinema

The length of the trail there is 2 km, the gravel base allows people with special needs to move along it. Environmental objects have been provided with canopies, swings, campfire places. Tel.: +371 28374204