Great wave sea.

Section 4. Karosta (The War Port) - Ziemupe.

Practical information

Length: 22 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Start: North Pier of Karosta, opposite 

Finish: Ziemupe beach, opposite 

Itinerary: Karosta – Saraiķi Manor – Ziemupe

Road surface: Sandy and pebbly beaches, coastal trails, occasionally soft, silted sand, in some places there are stones and structures protecting against coastal erosion.

Difficulty level:  

Obstacles: You have to go around the remains of fortifications by using forest trails or, when the winds create an outflow of water, by using the beach. You can wade across the Fortress Canal, the small streams, brooks and ditches during low water. The Liepāja treatment plant can be passed via the beach. In case of strong winds from the sea, the Fortress Canal and the Wastewater treatment plant of Liepāja can be passed via Lībiešu and Viestura iela (~ 2,5 km). The coastal protection structures (concrete blocks) opposite Saraiķi can be bypassed via the beach or across the blocks in times of strong winds.

Dangerous places: Personal safety must be ensured in the surroundings of the fortifications. They are washed away by the sea and are not equipped with amenities. It is not recommended to wade through the sea as there are sharp and dangerous underwater objects.

Good to know! Tents can be set up and campfires can be lit only in public rest areas designed for this purpose.

Near Saraiķi, there is no access to the sea for the public (private properties). No shops or catering are available from Karosta to Ziemupe.

Šķēde landfill territory movement is allowed only on the beach.