The Vidzeme coast.

Section 30. Svētciems - Ainaži.

SEE Worth seeing

Krauju rock islet

Opposite Krauju homestead, a little islet made of rocks is located around 200 m from the coast.

The Salacgrīva Museum

Includes information about the Salacgrīva town and its surroundings. +371 64071981

Salaca castle mound

The most ancient site in the town where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Salaca River flowing into the sea.

The Krasta iela promenade

A picturesque place for taking a stroll loved by the locals.

Wall panel Lighthouses of Latvia

A three-dimensional map made out of clay depicting lighthouses in Latvia.

NThe Randu Meadows Nature trail

A scenic coastal area.

The Ainaži North Pier

Situated next to the Latvian-Estonian border.

Lamprey weir

Here you can taste lamprey coming from the Salaca River cooked on hot coals by the fishermen. +371 29268299