Little wave sea.

Section 20. Engure - Ragaciems.

SEE Worth seeing

The Lāčupīte River Arboretum

In May and June, rhododendron plantations are blooming exquisitely.

The Slow Mile

An 8 km stretch of coastal forest.

Ragaciems village fishing area with net huts

A place where fishermen berthed their boats, organized meetings and stored fishing tackle in net huts. +371 26451024

Ragaciems village fish market

One of the most popular places on Latvian seashore to buy smoked fish or fish cooked in some other way. The fish is being smoked by local undertakers so quite often it is possible to feel a nice fish smell in tte village!

Fisheries and Maritime Heritage Center

The fishing and marine cultural heritage center is located in the former Apšuciems school by the sea. The building houses an exhibition of historical objects.

Apšuciema skola, Apšuciems, Engures pagasts, Engures novads

+371 26132761