Šiaurės vakarų Estijos skardžiai ir kriokliai.

Atkarpa 60. Tabasalu - Talino uostas.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Harku Health Path picnic place (Piknikukoht Harku terviserajal)

A nice place to rest during a hiking trip.

Estonian Open-Air Museum (Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum)

The museum introduces you to Estonian rural architecture and life in the villages, open all year long. +372 6549100

Kakumäe Beach

A lifeguard protected sandy beach where you can go for a swim.

Kakumäe Yacht Port “Haven”

The port with the most contemporary infrastructure in the Baltics. +372 6777700

The promenade “Rocca al Mare”

Connects Kakumäe and Stroomi beach, length 2.5 km.

Stromi Beach

A sandy swimming place for the whole family. The lifeguards work during the summer season.

Paljasaare Peninsula (Paljassaare poolsaar)

A bird habitat of European significance.

Hydroplane Port (Estonian Shipping Museum (Eesti Meremuuseum))

Most exciting shipping museum in Europe. +372 6200550

Patare Sea Fortress (Patarei merekindlus)

You can observe European architectural heritage - a fortification in Classicism style - only from the outside.

Tallinn City Hall

This complex of buildings were completed in 1980 on the occasion of Moscow Olympic Games. You can only see it from the outside.

Pot of Culture (Kultuurikatel)

Multipurpose event centre where different concerts, exhibitions, conferences and workshops take place.

Tallinn Old Town

The unique historical centre is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.