Šiaurės vakarų Estijos skardžiai ir kriokliai.

Atkarpa 53. Nõva - Vihterpalu.

SEE Verta pamatyti

Nõva Church (Nõva kirik)

One of the smallest wooden churches which at the same time is also one of the smallest churches in Estonia. +372 5218467

N Keibu-Ristna Nature Reserve (Keibu-Ristna hoiuala)

A protected area of rocky and sandy beaches, as well as fir tree forests.

Keibu village

The picturesque village offers beautiful scenery.

Ristna (Ristna) Port

A small port that is actively developing, offering various exciting activities during the summer months. +372 5059038

Alliklepa Beach

A peaceful and quiet beach for undisturbed recreation.

Kolviku Horn (Kolviku nina)

A nice place from where to watch the town.

Vintse village

A historic coastal village where life is still active today.

Vihterpalu Manor

The completely renovated manor offers modern conference premises and accommodation. +372 6541570